Pirix builds maverick solutions to bring success to founders

Pirix's solutions offer founders a unique opportunity for meaningful networking and top-tier media coverage, providing them with valuable exposure and access to potential partners and investors.
Our team is composed of experienced founders, who created Pirix services exclusively focused on helping startups, founders, and enterprises c-suite succeed. Our expertise and dedication to our clients guarantee you'll deliver the marketing strategy and media coverage deserve without friction.
I deeply understand the mental and emotional intricacies of leading a startup. This unique perspective enables me to empathize with fellow founders and effectively address their challenges, providing tailored support that caters to their specific needs and aspirations.
As a founder-turned-consultant, my successful completion of 300+ projects showcases my expertise and dedication to helping startups navigate their path to success efficiently and confidently.
Establishing meaningful relationships with advisors is crucial for a startup founder or C-suite. These connections provide access to invaluable guidance, industry insights, and expertise, ultimately contributing to the venture's strategic growth and long-term success.
Our Approach
✳︎ Humanistic
✳︎ Positive
✳︎ Data-centric
✳︎ Informative
✳︎ Multi-disciplinary
✳︎ Full of Encouragement

Our Formula

Global Experience-Discipline : The ability to consistently apply one's skills, knowledge, and adaptability across various cultural, social, and professional contexts in a global setting.

This discipline encompasses the aptitude to navigate diverse environments, effectively communicate and collaborate with individuals from different backgrounds, and integrate a broader perspective into decision-making processes. It reflects a commitment to personal growth and development, as well as a respect for the unique challenges and opportunities that arise when operating on an international scale.

Our Values

Building Trust, Not Pitching

Bold Moves, Big Impact

Building Strong Communities & Network

Achieving Real Results

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